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Ayşenur Melike ÖZKAYA



Mehmet Emre CAN


Zeynep DEMİR


The Frog Prince in Various Text Types by Banu İSKENDER İZGİ, Ceyda AYDİLEK and Dilara ÇALIŞKAN


"The Legend: William Shakespeare" by Özumsu ALAGÖZ


"Google and Human Brain" by Naz Sıla ŞEN


"Female Climbers in Afghanistan" by Sinem BİLSEL

"The Science of Breaking Up" by Özümsu ALAGÖZ


"The Challenging Mission in Antarctica" by Naz Sıla ŞEN

"Bamboo: Crop of the Future" by Sinem BİLSEL


"Madonna in a Fur Coat" by Burak AVCI

"Myths of Central Asia Come to Life" by Ayşenur Melike ÖZKAYA

"Mirror Neurons and Language" by Sabiha Zeynep CESUR

"Do Mice Like Turkish Delight?" by Ayşenur Melike ÖZKAYA

"Eco and Lee: Forever Missed" by Zeynep DEMİR

"Senem KOBYA ile Röportaj" by Heval BOZDEMİR

"Why Make It Simple When You Can Make It Complicated?" by Burak AVCI

"How We Decide" by Ulaş BULUT

"The Concept of Equivalence in Translation Studies" by Halise GÜLMÜŞ

"Important Points in Legal Translation" by Yeşim GÜVEN

"An Opportunity to Illuminate Lives" by Ayşenur Melike ÖZKAYA

"On Paper&On Screen: The Famous Works of Most Translated Authors" by Zeynep DEMİR

"Gaming Translation Story" by Ayşenur Melike ÖZKAYA

"How to Manage Your Time in University" by Heval BOZDEMİR

"A Day for Us from Atatürk" by Yeşim GÜVEN

"Guide for a Cheap European Travel" by Mehmet Emre CAN

"Technology in Translation" by Yeşim GÜVEN

"Istanbul - Turkey's Capital of Art" by Eliğ ÇAĞLAR

"Eser TÖZÜM ile Röportaj" by Heval BOZDEMİR

"Postcrossing" by Ayşenur Melike ÖZKAYA

"Interview with Dr. Martin Louis DUNCAN on His Academic Background and Language Teaching" by Heval BOZDEMİR

"Black Ice" by Yeşim GÜVEN

"Christmas around the World" by Mehmet Emre CAN

"Advice for Newcomers: A Twenty TL Day" by Elif ÇAĞLAR

"Republic Day" by Yeşim GÜVEN

"First, Let Me Take a Selfie" by Zeynep DEMİR

"Istanbul for the First Time" by Elif ÇAĞLAR


"Alien Isolation" by Ayşenur Melike ÖZKAYA

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