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Translation and Interpreting (English Language)

History and Program Overview



Marmara University Department of Translation and Interpreting (English Language) was founded as a four-year undergraduate program within the structure of the School of Foreign Languages in 2006. After its first two academic years, the Department was transferred to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 2008. Since its foundation, the Department has had a total of 261 graduates.

The medium of instruction of the program is English and the curriculum includes linguistic courses, area-specific courses and interdisciplinary courses. As well as compulsory Spanish language courses as the second foreign language offered along eight semesters, elective French and German language courses are offered by the program from the 5th semester on.

Considering the increasing importance of translation in cross-cultural communication,today’s translators play a rather different role.In today’s globalized world,translation is closely associated with multiculturalismas well as thelinguistic ability in languages. Our undergraduate program aims at raising students’ awareness of all aspects related to translation, giving both theoretical and practical education, and training the prospective translators and academics.


Our Mission

As Department of Translation and Interpreting (English Language), our mission is to encourage intercultural competence and information mining, as well as technological and thematic competence through cultivating both theoretical and practical knowledge of the students in the field of translation studies, with the aim of providing our graduates with essential requirements for professional success.


Our Vision

Department of Translation and Interpreting (English Language) aspires to contribute to the field of translation studies by means of academic studies and enhanced academy-industry cooperation both at national and international level.


Graduates and Field of Business


Translation and Interpreting Department graduates, who may choose to have an academic career in the field, have a wide range of employment opportunities both in public and private sector.

Relevant departments of public institutions such as Ministry for EU Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice, municipalities, State Planning Organization and National Intelligence Organization are among the leading state institutions and organizations which offer employment opportunities for the graduates of this department.

Our graduates, who may work in development agencies, embassies and consulates, may get involved in relevant organizationss and projects which require interpreting and translation throughout Turkey’s EU accession process, and they may help people communicate during national and internatioanal congresses and conferences.

Media organs such as publishing houses, magazines, TV channels, and newspapers offer employment opportunities for our graduates, who may also prefer working as a freelancer in translation agencies which demand specific terminology in various fields such as medicine, law, finance, sports, etc.

Graduates who have a pedagogical formation certificate, have an opportunity to be employed both in public and private educational institutions. And several other sectors like banks, tourism, advertising, public relations, etc. are also among the employment opportunities of our graduates.

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